Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yogurt All The Way

Review: Yogurt Bay

After appaling dinner at Mosate, we thought of checking out this new teen hangout located on Bandra’s own very Kamaki/ Baga Strip Carter Road. Thanks to my best friend cum sista cum yo mamma cum agony aunt J.GO.

A hole in the wall, this place is adjoined to the Café Coffee Day on Carters. It’s only savior from going unnoticed is a bright sky blue neon sign that says“Yogurt Bay” and crowds of people hoarding both in an outside the place. The guys serving up seem to be college going or just out of it, managing a smile through exasperated looks. This seemed to be the new 'it' place in Bandra for sure. And it isn’t just the cute guys serving but also the flavours like Strawberry Almighty, Blueberry Cheese cake, Jack Sparrow, Chunky Munky, that do the trick.

They serve up Frozen Yogurt and  Parfaits (frozen desserts) & Smoothies. Priced a little bit on the upper limit with athe starting price of a small swirl being Rs 60,  although with the good  quantity is quite justifiable. They also have these yummy toppings like gems, fresh fruits, chocolate bars, Japanese Mochi etc.
BlueBerry Cheese Cake Yogurt comes with Biscuit Crumbs

Highly recommended flavours are Strawberry with fresh strawberry topping and the Blueberry Cheese Cake. And Ol ya ladies out there, fretting about their weight, guess what? Its fat free!

Quicktip: With Summer of May 2011 heating up everything, go get your dose chill at Yogurt Bay with your best buds. Better than ice cream or dessert, this guarantees the belly of your’s doesn’t bulge even after you indulge! (Wow that rhymed, Culinary Muse has become a poet, Adaab arz Hai)

The Cordinates
Yogurt Bay, 11 Gagangiri, Off Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
022 30629191 
Check them on twitter:!/yogurtbay


  1. Seems like a fun place and in this weather ya we need this ...gud review

  2. @Priti thanks! R u from Mumbai? You should go there then they have sum brilliant flavours!

  3. Ah sounds like they have a good selection, will try it out next time I'm there. :-)

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  5. Hi Jay, Thankyou for you compliments. I checked your blog. Its really nice too.

    Started following you as well. Good Going!


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