Saturday, August 29, 2015

Waah Ustad!

Review: Masalchi Ustad

Agla station Bandra, next station baaaandra gets a new takeaway joint.  Masalchi Ustaad claims to be an 'indian QSR'.  Now thats an oxymoron! The complication involved in preparation with its myriad of ingredients and long drawn cooking process' makes it very hard for any Indian dish to be quick! And not to forget it would always be incomplete without being paired with with the accompaniments like chutney pickle etc.

The Kebab Platter

Nevertheless, Masalchi Ustad boasts of some indian fusion dishes - Naan Turnover, Basa Fish with Orange Malta sauce, basil chicken tikka as well as the regular mogul fair - Nalli Nihari, Kebabs & butter chicken.

Culinary Muse decided to give this 'so called' QSR a shot.

The Naan Turnover are hot  stuffed naan pockets with butter chicken like gravy and hints of molten cheese on the edges. Quite a sumptuous meal in itself. Although i found the filling is a bit sweet though

Naan turnover
As part of the kebab platter we had:

The Seekh kebab was succulent and beautiful

Billayati Murg Tikka

The billayati murg tikka was beautiful and silky

The Murg Sunheri kebab was also delectable 

Aftabi fish tikka
The Aftabi Fish Tikka - fish kebabs coated with green coriander masala was juicy and delicious

Nalli Nihari

The Nalli Nihari was flavorful but really rich. Those watching their calories must truly avoid

Dal Makhani

The Dal Makhani was wholesome and beautifully flavored. A must try

On the whole Masalchi Ustad is worth a try. Ample quantity and wholesome make it a good option when one has guests over or a party to host. Sadly they only deliver in and around Bandra as yet

MuseTip: The kebabs are sure shot winner!

The Co-ordinates
Masalchi Ustad
Address:Masalchi Ustad, Sherly Rajan Road, Khar, Mumbai
Telephone: 09029077516, 09029077517, 09029077518, 09029077519
Type: Only takeaway

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dumpling Diaries & New Bar Launch

Radio Bar

Bandra gets a new bar – The Radio Bar. Decorated with old school radios, jukeboxes and cassettes, this new hip bar is the latest edition to Linking road alongside the likes of The Daily

The place has some quirks – a wall full of old radios almost telling you a story of the genesis of this machine; a basement where you have a corner for live band performances and another wall, this time full of cassettes. Do you remember those rectangles with two holes in the middle and a thin black tape running inside it? Most of you would not even have been born at the time when these things were a craze

This place is almost like a museum for audio systems!

The drinks were interesting I had the Mojito and Radio Special Cocktail. Quite nice but the food needs some definite working!


Meanwhile Mamagoto, the fun Asian place gets an all new dumpling menu! “We were being questioned” said a spokesperson, “How can you be an Asian restaurant and not have a dumpling menu? So Voila”

The restaurant turns 5 this month as well and is on an expansion spree. Sources say that after Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore they are headed to Pune

Mango Cocktail

I first tried the Mango Cocktail - the hint of vanilla and subtle flavour of mango just make this cocktail right to beat the heat this season. Mamagoto infuses their own cocktails

Prawn Crackers

Prawn crackers - beautiful things come in crunchy! I could eat this all along!
Chinese Chicken Puff

The Chinese Chicken Puff - was horrible, you rather eat this at Hersh! They are the best


Street Style Dumpling

The Street Style Spicy Dumpling was nice, silky and melt in the mouth and so was the Old school Gyoza

Tokyo Metro Mantau

The Tokyo Metro Mantau again needed some working. It just tasted like a limp burger

Porky Apple Mantau

The Porky Apple Mantau Makeover was sweet as hell. It might as well be on the dessert menu

Muse Tip: Drinking plan with office colleagues head to Radio Bar and then hop into Mamagoto to eat yummy dimsums and fight the hangover!

The Co-ordinates

Radio Bar - Ground Floor, Hotel New Castle, Linking Road Bandra

Mamagoto - 133, Ground Floor, Gazebo House Hill Road Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Review: Hoppipola

It’s been some time since I wrote. 6 months more like it! In between I got married, shifted to another town, got back to work and I am now dealing with the pl/reasures of marital bliss.

I have to admit, I had my apprehensions. Managing a chaos called the wedding, leaving my home, more importantly my bed, moving to a place called ‘khopat’ from a place called ‘colaba’, living in a different house and most of all living with a boy!  A boy I had no doubts about loving but nevertheless a boy. I didn't think this would survive without any of us getting hurt. But I was wrong. Completely, thoroughly, perfectly, fully wrong!

This boy and his mom take care of me like no one else. From waking me up in the morning, to redefining their living as per my notions, to eating mushrooms (Mushrooms never entered the Vaidya household, they were thought to be by products of dog pee. Ridiculous I know.)

Marriage isn’t a nightmare after all, or am I making this statement too early? Nevertheless, am willing to take a chance. Learning to share your life with someone is the greatest gift or curse, depends on what you work towards making it.

So today, I officially get back to my promise of bringing to you the yummy, the delicious and the most extra-ordinary food experiences.

My latest discovery is Hoppipola - Icelandic: jumping in puddles. With outlets in Mumbai & Pune, Hoppipola is this quirky place that has slate boards as tables and games to keep your brain occupied.

Blaring loud music greets you on entering and you can’t help but notice the ‘Greek’ feel to this place with white washed walls and blue rims
The menu too, is pretty quirky with dishes named like ‘Lambada, Fishful thinking’. A lot of thought seems to have gone into designing the idea behind this place.

Watermelon & Basil Mojito

We begin with the Watermelon & Basil Mojito – quite a refreshing drink, but I would vote the one at Mamagoto is better any day

Aila Aioli Chicken Skewers

The Aila Aioli – Chicken skewers topped with aioli was brilliant & succulent


Next was Harissian – I personally don’t prefer Basa, find it quite tasteless but the this dish of fish skewers generously rubbed with spices tasted beautiful

Fishful Thinking – the regular fish fingers

Chiseled Prawns

Chiseled Prawns – now this was a show stopper! Prawns cooked in garlic and spices with beautiful tangy flavour. A must try


Lambada – soft lamb kebabs on pita. Again a must try

On the whole, I really liked the place & its vibe

Muse Tip: Go there on the weekend with a group of friends, enjoy the music and play some board games while you enjoy your drinks and starters

Address: 136 & 138 A, Galleria Shopping Centre, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai
Phone: 022 40150436
Cuisine: Snacks, Finger food, Continental
Credit Cards: Accepted

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