Friday, December 30, 2011

Up in the Sky...

Review: Sky Cafe

Alfresco dining is not a very popular choice in Mumbai. Two reasons for this 1) not many options 2) its too hot most of the year. But with the weather getting cooler by the day (yesterday Mumbai was 11 degrees, yes 11 degrees and yeah in Mumbai), its great to share a meal under the starry sky.

Sky Cafe is one such place. Located bang opposite my favourite cinema hall Sterling, Sky Cafe is actually the porch to FreeMason Hall at Fort. Am sure the word freemason reminds you of t'he sting operation on the Roman Catholic Church novel' - 'The Da Vinci Code'. So is Freemason a secret cult? I would say more like a Machiavellian cult based on the principles of ‘humanity and brotherhood’. But this would make another topic of discussion, for now lets discuss Sky Cafe and it’s food.

The decor of this Cafe is simple, lots of plants around, blue and white mosaic chipped tables and wooden chairs.  On a hot summer day you need those several wall fans and coolers facing you but on a winter night you would need a stoll and warm holding someones hand to keep you warm. A perfect setting for a romantic meal!

The menu is a mix of middle eastern food with mezze and shwarma, Chinese with burnt garlic fried rice and European with Pastas & Risottos.

We start of the with Cream of Mushroom and Almond Soup – the creamy thick broth was beautiful almost silky however the only thing disappointing was that there were no chunks of mushrooms.

We move on to the Chicken Khowsuey – with a colour so saffron, the Shiv Sena would be put to shame! However it was not all that bad, it had a slight zesty flavour to it but not the authentic ‘Busaba or Joss’ one you would expect.

We move on to Penne Romano – penne in a creamy white sauce topped with broccoli and French beans – scrumptious and cooked a la dente. Pair it with the garlic bread and you would know why Bryan Adams sings ‘Cloud no 9’

The next was the Pan Fried Chicken in Paprika Cream with Spaghetti – while both the grilled chicken and spaghetti seem to be delectable separately they didn’t go well together as a combination!

For drinks we had the Virgin Mojito which was nice and refreshing.

A meal at Sky Cafe would cost anywhere between Rs 200 - 350


Food: Good, Sasta ne Saaru!

Ambience: Beautiful

Service: A bit Slow

Quick Tip: Great for a quiet alfresco meal, serves some good variety and inexpensive food which is quiet a rarity in Mumbai. Must go in this weather!!

The Co-ordinates:

Sky Cafe

Where: Freemasons Hall, Marzban Road, Fort , Mumbai

Tring Tring: 22055557, 22055558

Timings: 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Food Type: Chinese, Continental & Middle Eastern

Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted

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