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Chefs Corner is where you can view recipes of dishes Culinary Muse really liked from the people who made it themselves. It could be a from  an executive chef at a five star restaurant, her mother, a friend, anyone who has created a culinary wonder which Culinary Muse has been fortunate to taste! I would like to share these recipes incase you would like to replicate.....

October 28, 2011

This times recipe is  this yummy Pizza called Pizza Bianca con Rucola  - White Pizza, Rocket Salad, Mozzarella and Cream (About the Dish) by Chef Salvatore de Vincentis, Executive Italian Chef, JW Marriott Mumbai

Ingredients -

  1. 100 gr  mozzarella
  2. 30 gr parmesan cheese
  3. 10 ml  cream
Pizza Dough Ingredients:

  1. 500 grams Hard Wheat Flour
  2. 260 grams Water
  3. 10 grams Salt
  4. 15 grams Yeast

 Pizza Dough Method:

1.       Mixed all ingredients for 16 mins

2.       Cover and keep dough for 30 mins at room temperature

3.       Roll 220 gms of dough into balls and keep aside for at least 5 hours

4.       Set oven at 400 degree Celsius and bake

 Pizza Bianca

1.       Stretch pizza dough

2.       Add mozzarella & parmesan cheese on top of pizza

3.       Warm heavy cream on side and pour on top of pizza

4.       Place pizza in oven at 250 degree Celsius for 5-8min

5.       Once ready, garnish with rocket leaves

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