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People say I love to eat... I wouldn’t agree more. In my defence, is there anything more alluring than the pretty sight of your favorite dish on the table? I don’t think so.

Gourmet, Gourmand, Glutton, Connoisseur, Aficionado, Epicurean are some words that describe me best.

Yes I am completely in love with food and this blog is dedicated to my love affair.

I am a self confessed ‘food porn’ addict be it buxom Nigella and her sensual recipes to Master Chef Australia Adam’s  Asian seductions or Rachel Allen titillating (I knw what your thinking while you say that word ;) bakes. All of it both fascinates & allures me to find out more and more places where I can gratify  my  cravings. Sometimes I wish Anthony Bourdain would marry Kylie Kwang and adopt me!

While I critique places of worship ... er  sorry places of eating, this place is essentially about what one must eat when they go to a particular place rather than just giving my verdict whether or not to go somewhere. Yes I believe, there is ‘Something, Somewhere for every one’ (yes I am a Yash Chopra fan, remember somebody, somewhere for everyone? Dil Toh Paagal Hai? No? never mind)

So what really mesmerizes me is the power of food – the memories it brings, the taste smells, tingling flavours, the ambience it served in, the way it should be eaten to accentuate it – Pure Seduction and I try my best to capture it in my next passion - Words.

Are you also entangled in an undying love affair with food? Do you get these food cravings at anytime in the day? Does the idea of eating at your favorite restaurant feel orgasmic? Are you ready to explore uncharted paths to discover that special dish that will make you go “Yum!”? If the answer to all the above is a Yes.Welcome you've reached the right place.

Would love to hear from you!! So leave your comments/feedback or email me  - culinarymuse1@gmail.com

Bonne Appetite

Sunayan Shahani | Culinary Muse
Food Intellectual | Culinary Enthusiast | Epicurean
www.luv4allthingsyum.blogspot.com | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Culinary-Muse

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