Friday, November 25, 2011

The Seafood Diet

Review: Pratap Lunch Home

A:  Do you eat fish?
Me: I love seafood!!
A: Do you eat Pomfret?
Me: No, I like Surmai better…
A: Aah, Surmai fish eaters are the real fish eaters!

This was the fourth or the fifth time we were having this conversation however it didn't seem to amuse us any less. Everytime felt proud at being acknowledged for my eating habits by a father figure and he feels proud for having made a conversation with a daughter he never had.

This post is dedicated to a loved one who passed away recently…..

Situated in the part that I love most, reminds me of our history, the british legacy and their majestic architecture – Fort, Pratap Lunch Home, was originally this dimly lit permit room kind of place. But recently it has been done up, inspired by Suraj Barjatya’s film – family friendly!!

On the walls you will see a sketch of a coast with burlesque’s of typically koli women selling their catch of the day to their customers.

The menu is a mix of Koli, Malvani, Mangalorean, Chinese and Mughlai fare.
We begin with Chow Chou Prawns – king prawns batter fried and topped with dhania seeds (coriander seeds) and green chillies. The potent dish was a rare yet divine combination. The next was the Tawa Ravas – again brilliant grilled Rawas and coated with traditional Malvani spices.

Chow Chou Prawns
Tawa Rawas
The next was the Crab Butter Garlic – steam crustacean topped with dressing of garlic and butter. Armed with a bib, bone marrow spoons and crab crackers we dig in. I thought the gravy was too thick, it did not combine well with the juicy crab meat to give that wholesome taste. It also lacked flavor. The one at Apoorva (check: is more appetizing.
For the main course we order Prawn Gassi (Manglaorean Curry) with Neer Dosa and Rice. The curry was delectable with the flavor of coconut milk and mustard seeds. Pour it on a dollop of rice and eat it with your hand. Beware of eating your fingers though. It’s that delicious…
Butter Pepper Garlic Crab

Prawn Gassi
There was no room for dessert after this meal … Actually all I wanted was for someone to pick me up and take me home. Alas the Undertaker is not based in Mumbai.

A meal at Pratap Lunch Home w/o alcohol would cost anywhere between Rs 350-400 per head

Food: Excellent
Ambience:  Good but can get noisy
Service: Can misguide you. We asked him if 1 plate of crab would suffice 6-7 of us. The waiter said no and we ordered for 2 portions. We kept eating and eating and it wouldn’t get over!

Quick Tip: Got get some really good seafood at really reasonable prices and eat your heart out… Do not miss the Chow Chou Prawns, they are to die for!

The Co-ordinates:
Pratap Lunch Home

Where: 79 Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort , Mumbai

Tring Tring: 22871101, 40021101, 22871818
Timings: 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM

Food Type: Koli, Malvani, Mangalorean, Chinese, Mughlai fare
Payment Methods: Visa, Amex, Master, Cash, Credit cards accepted
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