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Idli, Appam, Sambhar Khao Quick Gun Murugan Ke Gun Gao

Review – Dakshinayan


Matunga maybe Mumbai's South Indian food haven with the Madras Cafes and the Anand Bhavans but SOBO isn't far behind either. We have a our fair share of Udupi's the Shiv Sagars and Sukh Sagars, which are now by the way multi cuisine, with menus gloating of nachos, pizzas and Chinese food, and then we also have places like Dakshinayan that take South Indian Food more seriously and give it a kind of sophistication.

Located in Walkeshwar, opposite the Teen Batti Police station, Dakshinayan can give the phrase 'hole in the wall' a bit of a complex. Yes not a very big place, the décor too is minimal yet elegant. Terra-cotta crafts adorn the walls while brass curios of sacred cows and diyas are placed on panels. And while the upper half of the walls are painted white, the other half is dark brown giving an effect of thatched mud with Karnataka Chittara style white motifs running throughout in straight lines. The simplistic and understated décor makes for genteel ambience.

The place is pretty crowded for a week day like Thursday. Then again that's the benefit of being located in an area dominated by the community that made thepla a world delicacy. For Gujjus, weddings and eating out are daily affairs like brushing and excreting. No offense meant but a close observation of gujjus (most of my friends are Gujaratis – vaishnavs, jains, lohanas you name it), they are pretty much the reason why Mumbai's restaurants run and inflation is the way it is and they have no qualms about this claim to fame.

Molgapodi Idlis

The waiter dressed in traditional South Indian muddus (lungis) gives us our menu, which enlists typical dishes like dosas, idlis, uthpams. We start with Steamed Idlis – fluffy and soft, served with fresh coconut chutney and spicy sambhar. We also ordered for a 'Ginger Ale', no they didn't serve the Schweppes one, but this one is also brilliant and refreshing answer to the Mumbai heat. The next was the mini idlis with Molgapudi Idlis – coined sized idlis coated with the famous gun powder chutney, mind blowing quite literally. 

Mysore Masala Dosa

Next we move on to the dosas – the Mysore Masala was has an earthy flavor to it with mysore chutney coating inside and balmy potato bhaji filling. The Garlic Sada Dosa was a disappointment, it tasted kind of sour like the batter had gone rancid. 

Stew & Appam
Our next dish was the Appam and Stew – the stew was rich and smooth ,a delectable gravy with vegetables and flavours of spices like dalchini (cinnamon sticks) and bay leaves, combined with fluffy appams the dish made for soothing dish. The Bissibelle - a lentil rice kichdi like dish, was spicy and flavourful.
Mango Ice Cream

We finished the meal with fresh Mango Ice Cream which was dulcet and yummy.

Our server in traditional muddu

On the whole this no frills place, offers authentic and tasty South Indian fare at reasonable prices – a meal for 2 would cost anywhere between Rs.250 - 300 and the service super fast, we were done with our meal in half hour.


Food: Good

Staff: 'Quick' gun Murugan in lungis

Ambience: Traditional and no frill

QuickTip: If your fed up of the Shiv/Sukh Sagars and you are not in the mood to travel upto Matunga, Dakshinayan is a great option for South India Cuisine. The Appam and Stew is a must have!


The Co-ordinates


183, Teen Batti Road, Walkeshwar
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006
022 23676701

Timings: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Food Type: Pure Vegetarian, South Indian, Tamilian

Payment Methods: Cash




  1. great review, gotta check this out on my next visit !

  2. Have sheera there too.. its awesome.
    well writter.. keep it up

  3. @ Priya thankyou so much! Yes you should
    @ Gaurav I know, even the buttermilk Ive heard its damn good!

  4. Sounds like a cool place. Hmm, though I know you went at lunch time but do they offer any of that authentic filter coffee... It's the only coffee I love having. :-)

  5. I have gone to this place and was really a treat to my south Indian taste buds,it is very close to traditional taste..might b I prefer going here than the famous matunga joints..:)I think they do not accept cards..:)

  6. @ Rohan I went for dinner and yeah they have the authentic filter 'kaafee'
    @ Pratibha: I like the matunga places but this place is also pretty good and thanks I edited that part!

  7. When I eat out,I always go for one that offers great food and service.

  8. @ Alisa sure the service is as important as the food!

  9. Would you be willing to allow a group of students to use these images for our project? It would not be for profit, but we will give you the proper credit and relay the audience back to this post.


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