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Cloudy with a chance of Dal Bhaati Churma

Review – Sudama Restaurant, Hotel Shri Krishna Palace
It's Friday afternoon, I look up from my cab window, clouds lining up in Marine Drives sky line. It's 12:30 pm and the sultry weather working on my appetite. I check my BB for recent updates. It's buzzing with Will & Kates wedding. I wonder why so much hype? It's just another almost bald guy who looked like he had borrowed his dress from Maganlal dresswala marrying a botoxed damsel dressed in froth! Yes it's a different thing that he is the future King of a dying economy and instead of rejoicing the British should be cursing him for blowing up all their tax money on his wedding!

"Arrey aadat apni sasuri bahut kameeni hai, bahut kamini hai. Humka peeni hai peeni hai humka peeni hai", I wake up from my reverie. My Indian Idol of a cab driver singing and bobbing his head to his favourite Sallu bhai number at the same time while maneuvering through the busy lanes of Tardeo/Nanachowk/Grant Road. Yep I really don't know what this area is called. All I know is that am hungry and I need food.

The cab comes to halt outside what looks like a line of hardware shops. Somewhere in between is a tallesh building that reads 'Hotel Krishna Palace'. Bingo. I enter restaurant on the ground floor - Sudama. 

The AC breeze a welcome relief. Dressed in wooden paneled and white walls the restaurant has a very contemporary look. The staff welcomes me with a friendly smile. In no time I am offered the menu, which is actually quite and exhaustive list of South Indian dishes, Punjabi, Mardwadi, Gujarati, Chinese and even a bit of Italian.


I go right to the Mocktails. Something to cool me down. I order for an Ectasy – a sort of apple & kiwi fizzy drink which turns out to be quite refreshing for a hot summer day like this. My second mocktail the Flute Champaign  - a mix of custard apple and Sweet lime was also scored full points on the refresh-o-meter. I  move on to the food and on the maitre d' recommendation I try the Wanton Hunan Soup – a pungent and caustic combination of garlic and chillies. It just didn't do well with me. 

Babycorn Mushroom Chilli Garlic
Thai Pattaya Paneer
For the starters first comes the Mushroom Babycorn Chilli Garlic – babycorn and mushrooms sautéed in brilliant flavours of butter, green chillies and garlic made quite an appetizing dish. Quite a relief after the lovecraftian soup The next starter, the Thai Pattaya Paneer – velvety chunks of well cooked paneer painted with peanut sauce also made for a delectable appetizer. Please note not many places get their paneer right. At most places the paneer is a like a rubbery piece of car tire. A good piece of paneer is one which melts in the mouth at the same time does not look like bhurji on the plate which means that its not too soft and Sudama's paneer was just the right consistency. 

 Next, choosing from the Indian starters range, I call for Tilpuri Kabab – a sort of mixed vegetable kabab wrapped in till or mustard seeds. The kebab was quite bland and tasteless. The Paneer Makkai Sheek also didn't impress us much with no distinguishing flavor. The next was a Cheese Corn Ball and overload of cheese and no corn in sight. However it was still melt in the mouth yummy!

Lahori Paneer
In the main course I called for the Lahori Paneer – a bright red dish with topped with cream. Again the paneer was brilliant and the Lahori flavor is nothing but a Makhani gravy. Quite a delicious meal and when had with buttery Garlic Naan, it was like a marriage made in heaven. The other dish was Navratna Korma – a mix of vegetables like peppers, peas, carrots in orange gravy. Tasty and delectable went very well with their Pudina Naan. 

Navratna Korma

Next I called for Dal Bhati Churma – a traditional and now popular Rajasthani dish. Warning the dish is huge sin to your body as it entails a lot of calories but is a huge boon to your mouth because it entails a lot of yumminess! Ok so the Batti which is a sort of baked round breads about the size of golf balls is served drenched
Dal Baati Churma

 in ghee along with a bowl of Panchmel Dal or 5 cereal dal and Churma - unsalted flaked remains of battis mixed with crushed jagerry. Now all you have to do is take some batti add some panchmel dal on it and add the sweet churma. And what you get is pabulum dish, brilliant in flavours and nutrition but also high in calories. I would definitely advice you to eat this in the winter because right it's just to hot to have this dish. The Dal Baati Churma at Sudama was excellent and definitely a must try. 

Next we move on to the Paalakwale Chaawal – a khicdi comprised of rice in a spinach gravy. Immaculate. There were no added spices like chillies etc to disturb the dish. The natural juices and flavor of spinach tasted balsamic and soothing. A must have at this place and even the menu says so.

I topped all this off with a Phirni – a dulcet rice pudding that was sweet to right amount.

After all this I was so stuffed, I actually needed someone to pick me up and put me in a cab. But alas, I knew no one could have picked me up at that time without fracturing themselves that is. So with some help of the sturdy table I picked myself managed a smile at the waiters who greeted me goodbye and walked right outside Sudama. Yes without falling or damaging anything in the restaurant.

On the whole the meal was quite good. I would suggest sticking to the Chinese starters and Indian Main course of traditional dishes. An average meal would cost anywhere between Rs 150 – 300 per head which is quite an affordable amount these days.


Food: Good especially the Indian fare

Ambience: Good

Service: Friendly and prompt

Quicktip: Women, head here with your kitty party group and you would be guaranteed a good meal at affordable prices. Also if you're a non-vegetarian and like me you have to eat veg food on a particular day of the week due 'family rituals' head to this place with your family. If you are a vegetarian then definitely head to this place for some amazing variety.

The Co-ordinates

Sudama Restaurant, Hotel Krishna Palace 96 / 98, Sleater Road, Nana Chowk, Grant Road; Call 23873311; Time 11.30 am to 11.30 pm


  1. Ur introduction is too humorous.. keep it up.. hope one day will visit this place to eat..p.s well written :)

  2. @Gaurav: thanks yaa! You should go to this place its a good option for veg food!

  3. Lovely introduction and a nice blog


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