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Ni Hao (hello) China

Review – China House
The Hyatt at Santacruz has this way of transporting you to foreign land with its long passages, mysterious dim lighting, high ceilings and beautifully mounted sculptures . And China House transports you to different era. A magnanimous wooden door leads you to a wooden patio area with cane shades, traditional Chinese dining area and elegant ponds. Go further and your taken into a dimly lit dining area decorated with ethnic Chinese tea pots and terracotta ware. This coupled with open kitchen, that seems to be well stocked with Chinese sauces and spices gives you an eclectic mix of the traditional and the contemporary. An oxymoron, in a good way ofcourse.

The menu is simplistic, limited and Sichuan to its truest (I don’t think we Indian’s can would be able relish any more Sichuan than this).  We are greeted with traditional cumcumber and pepper salad, I wouldn’t call it kimchi, it was much better! Sprinkled with sesame sead and light soy sauce it was delectable. Another nibler that they served was sesame caramelized walnuts. These were so yummy that we couldn’t stop munching on them.
Dumpling Soup
We order for the Traditional Hot & Sour Soup with Bambooshoots – just the right consistency not to thick not too watery, a hint of chilli oil and you taste the peppery broth of heaven. The Chicken Dumpling Soup was piping hot and nourishing.

Hot & Sour Soup

For appetizers we order Chicken Sui Mui – faint yellow parcels of steamed chicken; delicate but not very impressive. The second one – Crystal Prawn Dumplings – transulent almost crystal like as the name suggests delicate parcels filled with moist pieces of the crustacean were delectable. So much so that we ordered another portion.

Chicken Sui Mui

We also order a Wild Mushroom Salad – a cold appetizer, with a beautiful fresh flavor. Great for the summers.

Wild Mushroom Salad

For the main course we opt for the Claypot Chicken with Smoked Bamboo Shots and Chilli sauce – mildly spiced slow cooked chicken in a thick sauce with woody flavor of bamboo shoots. This coupled with the traditional fried rice made for a beautiful combination.

Claypot Chicken with Smoked Bamboo Shots and Chilli sauce

A meal for 2 without alcohol would cost anywhere between Rs 3000/- and Rs 4000/-

Food: Delectable
Ambience: Traditonal yet contemporary
Service: Helpful

Quicktip: Get your fix of traditional Sichuan cuisine, definitely try the crystal prawn dumplings! A bit steep, this place however is for when you want to make things memorable!

The Co-ordinates
China House
How to get there: Lobby Level, Grand Hyatt,  Santacruz East , Mumbai
Tring Tring: 66761149
Timings: 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to Midnight
Food Type: Sichuan Chinese
Serves Alcohol: Yes, Also a lounge at nights
Payment Methods: Visa, Master, Cash


  1. Quite a contemporary. A must try i guess:)

  2. Looks quite contemporary!! A must try i guess:)

  3. Looks quite contemporary!! A must try i guess:)

  4. Looks quite comtemporary!! A must try i guess:)

    1. yes u shud! its a bit steep as i have mentioned but worth a visit!


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