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Sravan Especial

Review: Golden Star Thali

“Mehndi te vavi malave ne
aeno rang gayo gujarat re
mehndi rang lagyo re”

Errrr I am sorry. It’s just that Sravanno Mahino che and am in the mood for Gujarati song, dance and of course Gujarati Thali.

So we head to Churni Road to try this place called Golden Star Thali. To be honest, I haven’t really enjoyed thali in years. The last one I had was at Samrat, which was beyond insipid. I hated the greasy (read: almost soaked in oil) vegetables and ‘it’s so sweet it goes right to your ass’ dals.

But on insistence of my family, I thought why not give this a try!

So I enter the almost deserted (only  6 people dining and almost a dozen staff) Golden Star Thali and notice the really simple decor. Nothing fancy, just cushioned grey chairs and wooden tables. My dad tells me that the place is owned by Parsi gentleman named Mr. Zia A. Eshraghi. Wow, I think to myself, a Parsi  running a Gujrati pure veg restaurant! Bau Fine. My father adds that this used to be an Irani cafe that didn’t do too well and hence now Golden Star Thali.  Su waat che! They have seasonal Thali’s and in the month of August they serve the Festive Thali.

So on the table there are these huge shiny steel plates with so many bowls. Counting them helped me sharpen my addition skills! There were about 10 -15(am still sharpening it) of them. As I begin to wonder what are they going to serve us in so many bowls, they first serve a glass of Chaas – not the usual Gujarati mix, this is salty and patla but quit refreshing. The next is the chutneys and pickles. After that come the FarsanPakora’s: nice and tasty but not crispy! Doklas: tricolour dokla, soft, light and yummy! Cocktail samosa’s: quite nice.
(from left to right) Moong Sabji, Paneer Mutter, Bateta nu Shak, Bhindi Masala, Dahi Kadi, Surti Dal, Roti, Pickles

In the main’s they start with Sabji’s (Vegetables). The serve Bateta Nu Shaak i.e. Potato sabji – quite a nice flavour however I found the besan pretty over powering, Bhindi masala: tasty and sumptuous,the paneer in the Mutter Paneer was quite chewy not very appetising Moong Subzi – quite tasteless.

(left - right anti clockwise) Rice Kheer, Dal Bhatti Churma, Dal Dhokli, Green Onion Sabji 

In the dals they had three varieties Surti Dal – sweet- spicy yellow tur dal which was brilliant. Have with plain rice and you’ll keep licking your fingers. Yes please don’t use a spoon it’s a thali for God sake! Would you eat biryani with a spoon? Now that would be a cardinal sin! The next is a spicy Rajasthani Dal called Dal Bhaati Churma: again brilliant flavours and goes well with chapati’s or rice. The Dal Dokhli - again sweet and spicy with peanuts and mustard seads was yummy too!Oh and I forgot the Chapatis they were soft and light just the way I like it, topped with lots of ghee.

The Gujarati Dahi Kadi – offwhite gravy made of curd was sweet and spicy with just the right consistency! It went really well with the Kichdi – again a brilliant and rich preparation of rice- lentils

We were served some Papad – which was a tad bit soggy and some Masala Kicha or Spicy Fried Wafers which was yum.

In desserts they had Rice Kheer: just the right amount of sweetness but couldn’t have much of it as I was too full and Cham Cham: I didn’t even take that in my plate, I needed help getting up!
My Dad (happy to have value for money meal) with the traditionally dressed waiter

All in all a sumptuous meal with lots of variety to choose from and not expensive at all! The cost of the festive thali was Rs 300 per head. Quite value for money. However one needs to understand certain pre-requisites to be able to truely enjoy a Gujarati Meal. Here goes –

Pre-requisites to enjoy  Gujju Meal – Culinary Muse

1.      All Food is dessert and all dessert is food, Everything is sweet

2.      Ghee is a must in everything! You need a lubricant (stop getting ideas)  for the heavy food to move down that oesophagus

3.      All the sweet sugar/jaggery in the food goes to your ass. That explains the logic of Gujju women and their big backsides

4.      Don’t go alone to eat. You need someone to pick you up after the meal

5.      While having a meal you must discuss the next meal, to prevent the heaviness of the current meal from setting in

Food: Good & Very Filling, Not for the Calorie Conscious
Staff: Amicable
Ambience: Ok

Quicktip: Go there when you are super hungry so as to make the most of it. Read the above pre-requisites before taking the plunge!

The Co-ordinates-

Golden Star Thaali

Address:  330, Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Opposite Charni Road Station, Charni Road, Mumbai

Phone: 23631983, 23671952

Timings:  11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Food Type: Gujarati, Rajasthani

Payment Methods:  Credit cards accepted


  1. Looks like you were there when the restaurant was just starting to get renovated as looks in the pictures. go now and you would re rate the entire writeup to 5 stars food and 5 stars ambience

  2. Nice post until I got to the part "All the sweet sugar/jiggery in the food goes to your ass. That explains the logic of Gujju women and their big backsides".

    Not sure if you're trying to be funny but that was lame.


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