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The French Kiss

Review – Chez Moi

Food always carries with it certain memories, especially when you savour it amongst people you love. To me this particular lunch did just that! A couple of friends and me have started this community called as ‘Food Caravan, Mumbai’ (Check this link & you can join us too!) as our way of discovering Mumbai through it’s food!

Bandra Station

Our first official ‘food trail’ took place on Sunday August 14, 2011. We all met at Bandra Station, and headed to Chez Moi, a bistro/café located at Bandra reclamation. Flanked by a couple of eateries like the ever famous Candies (which now by the way should be a landmark in Bandra along with The Bandra Fort and The Mount judging by it’s popularity) and some newly openend ones like Quench, Chez Moi sure does enjoy some competition.

The word chez moi literally means ‘At my house’ in French and when you enter this quaint, almost hole in the wall café , it’s like you have stepped into a time machine that transported you to the French Country Side somewhere in the Victorian Era. The walls are painted white in a make shift manner and you can still see the wood through it. There are ancient curios, wall hangings, gothic clocks, Victorian and contemporary painting and even a book shelf on the walls. It literally give you the feel that someone from ancient Europe has invited you back in time and to their house. Beautiful, Eclectic & Surreal.

We are seated next to the bar, by joining around 2-3 tables. Yes there are just about 6-7 tables in the entire place and a counter with some stools. We are served a menu that’s is actually spiral bound fashion magazine (that too in a different language) with a printed menu stuck on some pages! Quite innovative but can get a tad bit confusing also the fact that the magazine is in a different language beats the purpose!
Anyhow after we are able to  figure out the menu, we observe that it has quite a good blend of French and Italian dishes. As a policy Food Caravan doesn’t do drinks, however it also seemed to have an impressive collection of blanc et rouge vin as well.

The Brocoli & Walnut Soup

Chicken Neptune
We order for our soups, the Broccoli and Walnut Soup looks great but on stirring we notice that the swirl of cream does not mix well and almost breaks forming pieces of cream in the soup, and the taste on the whole was quite bland. The Butter Corn Soup – had a nice thick consistency with the rustic taste of corn and a hint of lemon, a good option for the Vegetarians. But the Chicken Neptune, was actually what I can call a culinary revelation. A thick broth with chicken slivers, creamy texture and a hint of nutmeg. This is what Bruce Almighty would call B-E-A-utiful.
Chicken Roulade


For starters we have the Vegetarian Bruchettas – finely chopped fresh tomato, herbs and cheese on toasted bread slices. Will give them credit for doing a good job at that. The next was Chicken Roulade – a cold cut and French signature dish. The word roulade originates from the French word "rouler" meaning "to roll". Typically, a roulade is a European dish consisting of a slice of meat rolled around a filling, such as cheese, vegetables, or other meats. If I had to draw an Indian parallel to it, it would be patra. The Chicken Roulade at Chez Moi was delectable with pounded chicken, cheese and herbs rolled in slices of chicken served with the most amazing kind of salsa sauce.

Risotto with Sundried Tomatoes and Vegetables

In the mains we ordered for Penne Arabiatta with Chicken – pasta tossed in a scarlet sauce with brilliant flavours of garlic, herbes and tomatoes. The next was Penne with Thyme & Mushrooms – penne tossed in white sauce with herbs and mushrooms – this I found a bit tasteless and after sometime if became very gooey and sticky which was an indication that plate was not hot when served. Also the mushrooms were the normal one’s not porcini something they should consider using henceforth. The Risotto with Sundried Tomatoes and Vegetables looked somewhat like dal rice however but tastewise it was quite scrumptious. The Grilled Chicken Breasts in Black Pepper sauce served with mashed potatoes and Veggies was quite a delight with a bittersweet peppery taste to it!

(left to right) Mock Champagne & Bora Bora

In the drinks we had Basil Grass Mojito – quite the normal but quite refreshing. But the 2 drinks that really stole the show was the Mock Champagne & The Bora Bora. A must try!

On the whole a great supper over conversations on politics, office life, office politics and yeah how can I forget the group's undying love for food.

Quite steeply priced a meal would cost anywhere between 500 – 1000 per head w/o alcohol


Food: A Revelation
Ambience: Surreal but the blaring Music could spoil it
Service: Courteous (they kept simple things like a friends allergy towards corn in mind while suggesting dishes)

Quicktip: Haven't been to France? No problemo! Get a piece of Paris in Mumbai itself at Chez Moi. Go for a cozy date with your amore or just go by yourself with a book, read it, enjoy the food or some coffee while appreciating the art collection. Also reservations are a must!

The Co-ordinates

Phone: 7738382407

Timings: 1.00 PM to 1.30, post midnight

Food Type: Mediterranean, French, Italian

Serves Alcohol: Yes

Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted


  1. Pls check out GOSTANA too. its also a very good place.

  2. @ Gaurav yes thats on my TO DO List


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