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Idol Worship

Review – Joss

The word Joss stands for a Chinese deity or house idol. I can’t seem to figure out why Farrokh Khambhatta, chef & restaurateur would name his first fine dining restaurant that but nevertheless Joss definitely seems to have created a niche for itself amongst restaurants serving oriental fare. Located in the art hub of the city – Kala Ghoda, Joss was incorporated in the year 2004. With it’s unique menu boasting of Oriental Crab Bisque, the Crisp but Tender Peking Inspired Duck, Nonya Bamboo Chicken, Balinese Clay Pot of Zucchini, Young Corn, Broccoli, it adds a level of panache to fusion cuisine.

The restaurant spans over 2 floors, very spacious with a swanky décor of South Asian Wooden curios. The plush white interiors with mellow lighting and wooden furniture make for a very pleasant dining ambience and mind you it is always very crowded so better get you reservation in order. Co-ordinates given below.


We start with Chicken Khowsuey, one of Joss’ signature dishes. Yes I know Khowsuey is more like a main dish but for my family & me it’s a soup and something with which we always start our meal with when at Joss. The Joss Khowsuey is actually more of a broth with the right consistency not very thick not very thin unlike the thick versions served at places like Flamboyant and Busaba. The dish is combination of brilliant flavours and exquisite taste. I prefer this khowsuey to any other, I have been served as yet.

In the appetizers, we order for the Water Chestnuts stuffed in Corn Curd with Lemon Chilli Dip – imagine water chestnuts surrounded by soft almost cotton like pureed corn on the inside and crispy on the outside served on a spoon and lightly drizzled with lemon chilli sauce. Beautiful and yummy!  The Korean Barbeque Chicken is more like Moghlai Chicken Tikka, not something you would expect at an oriental restaurant!

Mushroom Sticky Rice

Broccoli Baby-Corn and Water Chestnuts in Burnt Red Chili and Soy Sauce

For the main course we order for the Mushroom Sticky rice – thick grained rice mixed with loads of butter, garlic and mushrooms – silky smooth just the melt in the mouth combination! If I had it my way I could just have this by itself. The Chicken with Star Anise and XO Glaze  - brought with a brilliant star anise aroma when served and tasted as delicious! However the chicken breast pieces, that were coated in egg, flour and fried were very chewy not very appetizing. The Green Chicken Thai Curry is good by Indian standards better than what you get at most places but can hardly match up to the authentic thai curry. The Chicken in Sambhol Curry is also brilliant very similar to the Thai Curry but again the chicken is very chewy! In the vegetarian fare there also is an equal variety with exotic ingredients like snow peas, water chestnuts, Shitake Mushrooms! We order for Broccoli Baby-Corn and Water Chestnuts in Burnt Red Chili and Soy Sauce – the flavours of the burnt chilli pieces, garlic and soy sauce totally complement each other to create magic in our mouths! The Teppan Soba Wheat Noodle on the other hand look like tape worms and are very chewy so highly not recommended whereas the Pan Fried Noodle are delectable.

Now beware because all this ‘yummness’ comes at a price. So a meal for 2 would come up to anything between Rs 1500 – 2000 per head without alcohol


Food: Great Variety and Delectable
Ambience: Good but could get noisy on weekends
Service: Courteous, they suggest well

Quicktip: If you enjoy experimenting with oriental fare, Joss is a must go. Take along a friend, a date or family (if they like experimenting that is) and you will get a taste of the exquisite. But be sure to shell out some ‘Bapu’s’ for that.

The Co-ordinates

Joss, 30, K. Dubhash Marg, Next to Chetana Restaurant, Kala Ghoda, Colaba , Mumbai

Phone: 66356908, 66334233

Timings: 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM, 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Food Type: Pan-Asian,Fusion, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese

Serves Alcohol: Yes

Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted


  1. Very cool. I know this sounds weird but every time I hear the name Joss, I imagine the Joss from Hanmer cooking in the kitchen. Hehe! But that aside, it sounds great. :-)

  2. Hi culinary muse, by your profile it seems you are the interesting foodie. Appreciation for your culinary journey.

    Cheers, Chef RajMohan Baaski

  3. @ Rohan who is Joss from Hanmer
    @ Chef Raj Thankyou. visited your website. You have awesome recipes too! Liked the Appam Recipe specially the introduction that spells out the science behind appams!

  4. Great review... sounds like a delicious place =)

  5. @ Peggy Thankyou are you from Mumbai? you should try out the place then

    @ Christine Thankyou for the compliment!

  6. Interesting post! Thanks for the review.

  7. interesting n informative. well written. keep it up..

  8. Thanks Gaurav! Go to Joss and try all these dishes!


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