Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stir it up!

Review – All Stir Fry

The moment you think All Stir Fry, you think the wok. Infact, it is actually the first restaurant in Mumbai to introduce wok fried cuisine. Honestly for me the wok is passé, hibachi or Japanese live cooking is the newest addition to what you may call ‘the interactive dining’ scene and is something that we should be looking forward to. It is available at Indiana Jones albeit at exorbitant prices. However Culinary Muse foresees ‘the lack of affordable places that serve the Japanese Hibachi’ situation change soon!

So coming back to All Stir Fry, as I said the Wok is very mundane so we decided to sample the a la carte menu. Friday evening, and as usual Gordon House, Colaba is buzzing, not the usual Polyesther crowd, well it was too early for even the early birds of the partying scene. It was the patrons of All Stir Fry! With it’s contemporary décor, dim lighting and table and bench seating (that can cause quite a backache), All Stir Fry makes for a very relaxed and casual ambience. The noise levels could go high with the crowd and the wok. Red, black and white seem to be theme with a brightly lit green wall that has what looks like lights in the shape of white woks.

The menu is pretty exhaustive with a variety of Pan Asian Cuisine. Actually reading it could get a bit confusing so practice reading the newspaper or more appropriately the ‘Orbituary Section’ before you try out this cramped menu.

For soups we order for a Veg Dumpling Noodle Soup – which was tastless, the noodles and the dumpling were also very doughy not the silky smooth you would expect. The Chicken Hot Sour on the the hand was good, peppery and sour to the right amount.

For appetizers we order the Chicken Dimsums (they have a separate menu for the steamed and satay fare) which was beautiful, silky and light. Just the natural mince chicken and vegetables filling making it out favourite dish for the evening.

In the main course we ordered for Burnt Garlic Fried Rice – the fried rice came with specs of garlic flakes which didn’t quite any sing to usual mundane dish. It was just the usual fried and nothing worth writing home about. The Pan Fried Noodles in Oyster Sauce was yum, with fresh crunchy vegetables and the aromatic flavor of the oyster sauce. The Stir Fried Chicken was also good with a pleasant garlicky taste.

On the whole the food was good with a few tiny glitches here and there. One noteworthy thing is the variety that this place serves up and the quantity of each dish which is very good. Making it apt for families and large groups unlike places where quantities are poor or individual oriented.

A meal for two would cost between Rs 350 – 550 per head, a pretty reasonable amount in today’s times


Food: Good
Ambience: Pleasant but could get noisy
Service: Friendly

Quicktip: If your alone or going with a colleague, the wok is advisable but if your going with a group or your family opt for a la carte. Menu starring Sumptious Quantities and Great Variety!

The Co-ordinates

All Stir Fry, he Gordon House Hotel, 5, Battery Street, Apollo Bunder, Colaba , Mumbai

Phone: 22894400, 22864451, 22894452

Timings: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to Midnight

Food Type: Chinese, Mongolian

Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted

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