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Review: O:h Cha

I always claimed that restaurants in Mumbai don’t do justice to two cuisines – Thai & Mexican. So when O:h Cha, which derives its name from the Thai word for delicious, opened, CM was quite inquisitive to see whether it proved her theory right or wrong.

Brainchild of Sanat Patel who has been behind the fancy (read: overpriced) Two One Two bar and Grill and the ‘still to make its mark’ Burgs, O:h Cha is tucked inside Mathuradas Mills, famous amongst Mumbai’s ‘once bustling now dead’ mill scene at Lower Parel, which has now become a hub for youngsters and office goers who throng to places like Blue Frog, Busaba, Barking Dear and Cafe Zoe.

The decor of this restaurant is contemporary Thai - wooden, spacious with green hues.

The menu contains some famous Thai dishes known and devoured by most of us who have travelled to the land of curry & massages (ahem... i meant foot massage control your mind).

We begin with the Tom Kha Kai soup – the balmy flavour of lemongrass, galangal & coconut milk create the best concoction in your mouth. A must try here

Also before I go ahead let me make it clear, the menu specifically illustrates the level of spice one can go upto. The more the chillies the more the spice and this has to be taken seriously. Don’t go with the notion of little spicy or medium spicy!

Next came the Tom Yum Kai soup– now unless and until you are strong hearted do not go for this one. It’s extremely charged!

The next was the Som Tam – delicate slivers of raw papaya tossed in chilli, lime, castor sugar, peanuts. A delicious yet healthy dish. Stick to the first level of spice.

Chicken Satay

In the appetisers we tried the Poh Pia Sod – a kind of thai spring roll – not too great in my opinion. The Chicken Satay was served cold! Again not recommended

Green Thai curry
Then came the real test – the Kang Kaew Waan – Green Thai curry with prawns – Beautiful, delicate broth, not too sweet, not too milky like the one’s served at Thai Pavilion and Koh. This was just the perfect balance of spice, sweetness and sour. One of the best thai currys I have tasted in Mumbai.

The Pla Kow Nong Ma Nao – Steamed trouper with garlic chilly sauce was immaculate. Like spa in my mouth!

Stir Fried Chicken with Holy Basil

The Stir Fried Chicken with Holy Basil too was delicious.

In the deserts we try the Lemon Grass Creme Brulee – no sign, smell or sight of lemon grass but the dish was delicious
 Water Chestnut with fresh coconut spirit

The Tum Tim Krob - Water Chestnut with fresh coconut spirit is heaven in summers. Must try!

After the meal, with an extremely satisfied (and heavy) stomach, I think to myself at last Mumbai has lost its ‘Good Thai Food’ Virginity! Take a bow Mr. Patel.

O:h Cha is not too kind to your pocket though. A meal for 2 would cost between Rs.3000 - 3500/- without alcohol

Food: Amazing
Ambience: Serene
Service: Catching up

Quick Tip: If you missed a trip to Thailand this year, head to O:h Cha to satisfy your thai food craving.

The Co-ordinates:

O:h Cha
Where: Mathuradas Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Tring Tring: 022 66334455
Timings: O:h Cha is now open for lunch as well and has introduced a prix fixe menu
Food Type: Thai
Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted

*Note the review spans over food eaten on 2 occasions

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