Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hungry? Dial Ate-Oh-Ate

Review: Ate-Oh- Ate

“No rules! We just wanted to have fun with food” says Gaurav Dabrai of Under The Banyan Tree fame who started a takeout/delivery place called Ate-Oh-Ate two years ago. The kitchen is located out of Tardeo and managed by the brother duo - Gaurav & Siddarth Dabrai.

They have just come up with a new menu with dishes like 'Ching Chong' Pasta – pasta from the east and No Name, yup that’s what the dish is called NO NAME. This all vegetarian place boasts of some quirky dishes and most of all regular patrons. Sadly delivery is limited to Tardeo, Breach Candy, Mumbai Central and areas around.

Some of the dishes I tried were -

Twice Baked Mushrooms – baked mushroom heads stuffed with cheese and peppers. Quite good
Yellow Thai Curry Rice
Yellow Thai Curry Rice – Piquant coconut based curry, even though vegetarian Thai Curry is an oxymoron this one is actually good and my favourite!

No Name
No Name – Yup this is a quesadilla meets lasagna topped with tomato concasse filled with mushrooms, peppers. Yummy.

Lasagna Exotica

Then was the Lasagna Exotica – beautiful silky sheets of pasta layered over a bed a mix veggies topped with this acerbic buerre noisette - butter cooked with basil till it becomes brown and exudes a nutty flavour. There are very few people who serve dishes to such precision & Ate-Oh-Ate is one of them!

Mushroom Stroganoff – a creamy mushroom gravy served with steamed rice. While the dish missed the white wine, it was flavourful.

The Fettuccine in Curry Sauce – Believe me I am not believer fusion cuisine but this dish had a beautiful zesty coconut flavor to it. A must try!

On an average quite reasonably priced, a meal for 2 would cost anywhere between Rs 400-500.

I just wish they would start delivering to other parts or open more outlets.


Food: Good

Quick Tip: If you stay around the area, do not miss the chance to treat yourself  to hearty soulful meal from Ate-Oh-Ate. Me? I am just praying they start in Colaba soon... 

The Co-ordinates:

Where: Maniyar, Tardeo, Mumbai
Tring Tring:  - 022 23548808, +91 9819008808 
Timings: 11:30 AM to 9 PM
Food Type: Multi-Cuisine
Only Delivery in Mahalakshmi, Tardeo, Mumbai Central, Breach Candy, Kemps Corner


  1. Was so thrilled abt this until I read that it's limited to Sobo :/

  2. I order regularly from there and I can vouch the food there is simply awesome. I have tried practically every dish there and so far I have never been disappointed. I will rate this place 10 out of 10.

  3. Funny, haven't heard about em.. Intend to try their food out pretty soon!! Thanks : )

  4. One of the best finds, i say! ty culinary muse!!


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