Friday, April 5, 2013

The Sound of Eating

Review: Nom Nom

For some people ‘eating’ is mechanism of survival, for some others its yet another chore but for my kind, food is sacred, and eating is like praying, I am me, I am the happiest when am chomping on deliciousness. I know most of you reading this feel the same... Thats why they say Great Minds think Alike J

Recently CM got out of her comfort zone (ie SOBO) and ventured into the land so far .... er um called Bandra (yup its a bit far by my standards) to place named after the sound of eating... Nom Nom

Tucked in the galli of KFC, this is Nom Noms second outlet with the first in Versova.

The ambience of this place transports you to some exotic far east country like Thailand. Rustic wooden decor with minimalistic lighting gives a soothing touch and totally cuts you from the noise and commotion of linking road.

The menu of Nom Nom offers quite a variety of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean dishes.  Today we were here to sample their ‘Tea Pairing menu’

Black Pepper Chicken
We were greeted by a cheerful Maitre d’. Our first dish was Black Pepper Chicken - succulent pieces of chicken topped with the spices, the dish was good just a tad bit salty for my taste. He paired this with the Basilur Ceylon 
Green Tea. On being asked why this pairing he gave a very ambiguous answer. The tea didn’t go well with the chicken either. It sort of made it taste more salty

The real benefit of pairing tea with your food is to cleanse your palate (something like what a soup would do) and enhance the taste and flavour of the dish. The Ceylon green tea failed on those parameters.

Our next dish was the Basa in Lemon Coriander Sauce – fillets of fresh basa tossed spring onions and garlic made for a very pleasant taste. The tea recommended – Basilur White Magic was just appropriate. A light tea with a milky sweet aroma and smooth sweet lingering taste combined with delicate meat was like a match made in heaven.

The next was the Vegetable Dimsums, quite good these dimsums seemed to have some kind of a fusion going on with cheese bursting into your mouth on the first bite.

The Chicken Dimsums weren’t very impressive, the skin was too doughy and you could taste the rawness of it.

In the mains we ordered for the Burnt Garlic Fried Rice and the Chicken in Chilli Basil Sauce. Again subtle flavours of the chicken made for a very good meal. This coupled with Basilur’s Cream Fantasy Tea was perfect. The hint of strawberry and vanilla in the tea just made the taste of mains very pleasant and delicious.

Nom Nom by today’s standards seemed like a very affordable place. A meal for 2 would cost anywhere between Rs 1000- Rs 1500.

For my towny ‘Obnoxious Lemur’ SOBOites, Nom Nom is soon to open an outlet in Fort!

Food: Good
Ambiance: Aesthetic
Service: Good

Quick Tip: Take a trip to the Far East with the flavourful food here. Stay away from the dimsums and you won’t have anything to complain!

The Co-ordinates:

Nom Nom

Where: 1 & 2, Delux Mahal Building, Ground Floor,Opposite Mini Punjab Restaurant, 16th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Tring Tring:  - 022 30932030

Timings: 12 Noon to 1 AM

Food Type:Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, Japanese, Singaporean, Malaysian

Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted

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  1. Love the name of the place :), but so many similar places to choose from :|


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