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By the Sea

Review: Corniche

The word ‘corniche’ means a winding road cut into the side of a steep hill or along the face of a coastal cliff. Thus aptly named the eatery ‘Corniche’ is situated right off Carters Road, opposite the Sea.

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You must know the phrase ‘hard to miss’ well Corniche is just the opposite! With the Carter’s Road Cafe Coffee Day and Yogurt Bay hogging the limelight, Corniche can hardly be seen (it’s just adjacent to Cafe Coffee Day). But as you enter the place you can’t help but be mesmerised, by the ambience and the view! Directly facing the ocean, surrounded by palm trees, you can actually hear the waves lashing across the shore, making for sweet music especially while on a date.

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The menu at Corniche seems to offer a wide range on cuisines from Italian to Mexican, Lebanese and Thai.

We begin with the Wild Mushroom Soup – Thick, creamy, smooth and ‘absofuckinutly’ yum!

Wild Mushroom Soup

We move on to the appetiser – Tangerine Chicken- Chicken Supremes marinated in tomato concasse and orange juice – brilliant tastes with freshness of thyme and rosemary and the zest of the orange.

Tangerine Chicken

The Greek Salad with the Vinaigrette Dressing was a bit of a disappointment – first you couldn’t see or taste the feta cheese ( for me cheese is really important part of a salad and for god’s sake this is a GREEK SALAD) and secondly it just didn’t taste well either. Like the veggies seemed to be limp.

Next was the Amatricana Penne Pasta –a tomato based pasta with bacon- while again I couldn’t taste any of the bacon the pasta tasted yum! Slightly on the piquant side, not something you would expect a pure haul Italian pasta to be but what the hell it tasted good!

Amatricana Penne Pasta

The Chicken and Bell Pepper Risotto, I thought was overdone and the rice didn’t have the ‘al dente’ touch!

Chicken and Bell Pepper Risotto

On the whole, I would go back to ‘Corniche’ for the ambiance, the soup and the pasta!

A meal for 2 would cost between Rs.1000 -1500/-


Food: Mixedbag

Ambience: Serene

Service: Okay

Quick Tip: Go enjoy a serene view at Corniche, but be warned not to be too experimental with the food, stick to the basics! Mushroom Soup is a must have!

The Co-ordinates:


Where: B-15, Gagangiri Co-Operative Housing Society, Carter Road,  Bandra West , Mumbai

Tring Tring: 022 26460147

Timings: 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM

Food Type: Continental, Mexican, Thai

Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted


  1. Am so hungry right now, i could eat up this review. Awesum review Sunayan!


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