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The Good Life!

Review: Dolce Vita

As a kid I used to frequent this store called Rustoms located at Wodehouse Road in Colaba. Now what was so special about this store you may ask? Rustoms was one of the few and I mean very few stores that stocked foreign food! So from the Laughing Cow cheese cubes (I used to love them) to alphabet soup to mac &  cheese, Rustoms stacked it all. Sadly, a few years ago it shut!

On entering Dolce Vita, I was reminded of Rustoms. I was reminded that there are two kinds of stores I can spend my entire day at  – Bookstores and Foodstores. Even when I go abroad I love shopping at the food section of the supermarkets. Its an amazing experience. What was really surprising about La Dolce Vita was that it was well stocked! From Doritos to Flavoured Tea to a variety of Cheese to meats to even alcohol! Unlike Natures Basket, which never has what you really go there to buy!

So like supermarkets abroad DolceVita has also a dining area where Chef Rohet Khanna and his team delight their patrons. The menu at DV is quite impressive  too with international dishes like Laksa, Terriyaki Chicken, Pasta, Shish Tawouk making it to the items.

But Culinary Muse was here to sample the new ‘High Tea’ menu. Priced at Rs 500 for 2 guests, the high tea menu offers a choice unlimited tea or coffee, choice of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Sandwiches, desserts and scones! Now thats what I call value for money!
(On Top) Cherry Jam & Cream; (2nd plate) Mocha Cheese Cake, Cream Roll, Lemon Tart, Blackforest Cake; (3rd Plate) Assorted Sanwichs)

I started with the Veg Mushroom and Garlic Sandwhich – delicate flavours of fresh mushroom and garlic wrapped in multi grain bread. The Chicken Coronation Sandwich which was flavourful with the mayo based sauce and curry powder (yes curry powder and it just did wonders). The Burnt Garlic Chicken was nice too! However the Prawn & Rosemary one was a tad bit bland for my palate. The best part about these sandwiches was that you can combine them with your choice of breads – Whole Wheat, White, Multigrain

The next were the Scones – absolutely delicious, just the right consistency served with this heavenly freshly made Cherry Cinnamon Jam! A must have at this place.
Scones with Cherry Cinamon Jam (bottom)

Then we moved on to the Cream Roll- delicate shell shaped pastry filled with light cream – again exquisite. I particularly fond of small portions of dessert that give you that satisfaction of taste and don’t make feel too full either. Which is the reason why this worked for me and which is also the reason why the next one didn’t. The Lemon Tart – the filling was really refreshing, but the crust was too thick. Two bites into it and it felt heavy.

The star of this evening was clearly the next dessert – Mocha Cheesecake. Dulcet cubes of melt in the mouth coffee flavoured soft cheesecake. Marvellous! If orgasms were possible in the mouth, this would be it.

Overall my experience here was amazing, I would rate this one of the best mid level cafe’s far better than the Barista’s and Cafe Coffee Days and quite cheaper than the Moshe’s and Indigo Deli’s

The High Tea for 2 costs 500 plus taxes!


Food: My dil goes hmmmmmmmm

Ambience: A bit noisy with the supermarket

Service: Very polite and helpfil

Quick Tip: Come with your office colleagues or your friends and gauge on the yummy Mocha Cheesecake & Scones with cinnamon cherry jam

The Co-ordinates:

Dolce Vita

Where: Grand Galleria, Pheonix Mills, Lower Parel (Next to Lush)
Tring Tring: 022 61272107, 022 40044432 
Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM
Food Type: World Cuisine
Payment Methods: Credit cards accepted


  1. Awesome!Going to try this out and seems totally VFM!

    1. yep u should!!!def have the jam and scones!

  2. Yummmm.... drooooll!!! Salivating at the scone and cherry cinamon jam pics


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