Monday, September 1, 2014

The Sushegad Life (2)

Review: Sushegad Gomantak

Once in a while you discover an unassuming restaurant that makes you want to kiss the chef’s hands. Sushegad Gomantak is one of those. Owned & managed by a mother and son duo, the chef here is the mother – a lady who seemed to be in her mid 50’s.

My boss, a proud Goan, decided to treat me and a few other colleagues to this place. A stout man, my boss has had access to the best of ‘Goan’ food in his life so if he recommends something I’ll go with it blindly. But that is only limited to ‘Goan’ food, his choices for other things? Well let’s not get there, high possibilities of me losing my job
A hole in the wall, Sushegad Gomantak barely can accommodate 20 people at one time. With the famous Sneha (Mallu cuisine) & Kakori House as its neighbours this place may just go unnoticed.

My boss begins talking to the lady in full Konkani while ordering our food. It’s quite amusing to hear this man, who yells at the top of his lungs in office, to speak in this saccharine tone. I savour the moment; it’s very rare after all!
Rava Prawns

We begin with the Rava Prawns – a traditional goan delicacy, these are simply batter fried prawns. You can’t go wrong with this and aunty does full justice.

Tisrya Masala

We move on to the Tisrya Masala – clams cooked in freshly ground spicy coconut masala. Finger-licking goodness!

Stuffed Bombil

We move on to the Stuffed Bombil – This is the best I have ever tasted. Bombil batter fried in rava and stuffed with some really delicious masala. This is a #MuseMustEat

Prawn Cutlets

We then had the Prawn Cutlets – melt in the mouth patties of shrimp. Again yummy in my tummy!

Prawn Curry

Crab Masala

We ended the meal with Prawn Curry and Crab Masala  – both flavoured with the tanginess of kokum and the balminess of coconut. Pair these with bhakri (rice flour pancakes/dosas), Vade (multigrain puris) or just some steamed rice and you will know no other love. Eat it with your hands and experience the myriad of flavours with all your senses.

The Co-ordinates
Sushegad Gomantak
Shop No. A 11, Shiv Sagar Society, L J Road, Mahim, Opposite Paradise Cinema, Mumbai
No Credit/Debit Cards facility
Goan Cuisine, Seafood
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