Monday, September 23, 2013

Dim Sum Republic

Review: Chao Ban

Frankly speaking, I was very disappointed when Joss shut. My family was a regular patron and we loved our khowsuey and sticky mushroom rice. I know, I know “there is Umame”, you would argue, but Umame is stupendously over priced for the minuscule portions they serve.

If Farrokh Khambata is hearing me somewhere... We want Joss back! Period.

Coming to Chao Ban, the latest addition to South Mumbai’s ever increasing Chinese food scene. Does it have what it takes to make the cut? Will it give the Lings Pavilions and the China Gardens tough competition? CM is here to find out.

To begin with, Chao Ban is owned by the Global Kitchen Group, which runs Irish House & Serafina. For Chao Ban they have got onboard famed Baba Ling’s (of Lings Pavilion) brother who consults them on their menu.

The almost 12 page menu boasts of extensive variety of dim sums – steamed, fried, pan fried, soaked & Cheung fun.
Hot Xian Soup

We started off with the soups, not the usual hot & sours and manchows thankfully, we go in for the Hot Xian Soup – a thick orangish red soup with a mix of chicken and seafood – quite bland and not very flavourful. Can be avoided

Chive and Prawn Dumplings

The Chive and Prawn Dumplings – delicate parcel of heaven. Must have!

Non-Veg platter 

The Non-Veg platter – a variety of fried, pan fried dumplings with spring rolls and barbecue wings (yeah I don’t know what that is doing on the menu). The pan fried dumplings were yum but everything on this platter was soaked in oil!

The Chicken and Mushroom Bao – delectable savory mixture wrapped in the slightly sweet bun.
Soaked Chicken Dumpling in Soy Chilli sauce

The Soaked Chicken Dumpling in Soy Chilli sauce was delectable. Chicken Dimsums soaked in light balmy soy gravy topped with garlic shavings

Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun 

The Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun can be described in one word - Immaculate!

The Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf with Chicken was yum but a tad bit oily.
Stewed Chicken with Bamboo Shoots,
Mushrooms & Chinese herbs

In the mains we order for the Stewed Chicken with Bamboo Shoots, Mushrooms & Chinese herbs – a dish full of potent flavours, the gingery-peppery aroma can get to you. Pair this with a portion of fried rice and you will be set.

Pan Fried Noodles 

The Pan Fried Noodles – rice noodles covered with a thick white sauce and exotic vegetables. Very earthy not as over powering as the chicken but delicious.

My overall take
 -- The quantity of the appetizers is poor eg. dimsums were just 3 pieces per portion but the quantity of main course is HUGE
 -- The food could be a tad bit oily

On an average a meal would cost Rs 2000 for 2 without alcohol

Food: Good
Ambience:  Chic
Service: Good
Quick Tip: Go there for the dimsums...the Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun & soaked Dimsums are a must!

The Co-ordinates:
Chao Ban
Where: Rampart Row, Ground Floor, 30, K. Dubhash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Colaba, Mumbai
Tring Tring: 02249150050, 02249150055
Timings: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Food Type: Chinese, Fusion Asian
Payment Methods: Visa, Master, Cash, Credit Card Accepted

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