Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Secret Affair

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You are probably wondering why my new post is titled as ‘The Secret Affair’. Well, all of you have by now come to the Food & Me are in holy Matrimony. So if I am married to food, am secretly having an affair with Chocolate. Sushhhhhhh food doesn’t know about it. I avoid chocolate around it. Cause if I eat it after food, food gets angry and starts piling up in my body. Then it bribes the weighing scale into showing an enormous number. So I prefer to spend time with chocolate alone! Secretly, I travel to places, in disguise and spend some quality time with it! We even made love a couple of times! Here are the details of our escapades

Culinary Muse’ Top 8 picks of Chocolate Desserts (Read: Divinity)

8.      Double Trouble, MOD – Mad Over Donuts yummy chocolate treat comes at no 10 with yummy milk chocolate casing on top and thick chocolate filling in between. Tips: Take HUGE big bite to savour both at one time.  Approx priced at Rs. 200. Available at all MOD outlets

7. Gooey Cake, Cafe Churchill & Mocambo – This yummy, soft cake is perfect when shared with you date! How does it taste? Well, the name says it all! Approx priced at Rs. 80/-. Available at Cafe Churchill 103-8, East West Court Building, Opp. Cusrow Baug, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai & Cafe Mocambo, 23/A, Sir Phirozshah Mehta Road, Fort, Mumbai

6. Walnut Brownie, Theobroma – Now this is what I call food for the gods! This square shaped slice has just the right combination of soft cake, crispy crust and cruchy walnuts. All packed together. I dare you to just eat one! Approx priced at Rs. 40. Available at Theobroma, Colaba & Bandra

5. Cafe Mocha’s Chocolate Avalanche – Now this is one huge dessert Even the Jr. Version (yeah they have Junior & Senior version). It is so filling that you can keep eating it all day & it won’t finish!  Go with a huge group and dig in to this gigantic mountain of fun! Approx priced at Rs. 300. Available at all outlets of Cafe Mocha

4.  Dense Chocolate Loaf, Theobroma – When you are happy, any you know and you really want to show it, Go get your family and yourself the dense chocolate loaf from Theobroma! Brilliant family dig in dessert. Approx priced at Rs. 200. Available at Theobroma, Colaba & Bandra

3. Lindt’s Lindor Truffle – If you haven’t tasted this chocolate! You seriously have missed something. It is beautiful solid on the outside with this molten chocolate on the inside. But never eat it just out of the fridge, let it be outside for a while to enjoy the yummy molten centre! Approx priced at Rs. 1000. Available at Fantasy Chocolates

2. Chocoholic, Theobroma – This yummy three layer mousse cake is immaculate. With each layer having a different kind of chocolate. It justs melts in the mouth! A must have for birthdays!  Approx priced at Rs. 75. Available at Theobroma, Colaba & Bandra

1. Chocolate Fondant, Busaba – Watching this itself is an orgasmic scene. When served cut through it, you will a stream of silky molten chocolate rush out! And if that doesn’t give you a gastro turn on, I don’t know what will! Oh and it’s taste? A kiss from your love! Approx priced at Rs. 450-500. Available at Busaba, Colaba & Lower Parel

Quicktip: Listen to voice! If you are sounding like you dog died, you need  hevy prescription of the above! Go get yourself one of these and faith will be restored!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot & Steamy

Call them Dumplings, Momos’, Dim sims or just simply Wantons, this dish made of ground meat or vegetables wrapped up in delicate rice or flour skins and then steamed to create a smooth as silk, melt in the mouth savoury, is a treat to all the senses. They are beautifully wrapped like the Australian Dim Sims and Chinese Sui Mui, once served the  steamy smell they let makes your mouth water and what can I say about the taste. Surreal!

Culinary Muse definitely has a penchant for these juicy appetisers and she brings to you her guide to where you will find the best of these in Mumbai

Culinary Muse’ Top 5 picks of Steaming Brilliance (Dimsims et more)

5.      Steamed Chicken Wanton’s, Mr. Chow – At no. 5 we have Mr. Chow, a Chinese home delivery chain. They have yummy steamed chicken wantons – dumplings of soft chicken, spices, sprinkled with sautéed golden garlic flakes and spring onions. Priced at Rs 100 for 6 pieces, this the most affordable option and mind you not coprimising on quality. Mr. Chow has outlets in Colaba ( # 22160076), Bandra (#26489951) & Prabhadevi (#24334551)

4. Korean Momo’s, All Stir Fry – These are succulent bags of hmmmmm (thats what happen when you put it in your mouth). You need to eat it to feel it. Approx priced at Rs. 200. C/O The Gordon House Hotel, 5 Battery Street, Apollo Bunder, Colaba , Mumbai. # 22894400, 22894451, 22894452
Wanton Soup at Oriental Blossom

3. Dim Sim Set Menu, Oriental Blossom – A while ago Oriental Blossom the Pan- Asian restaurant at Marine Plaza introduced an ode to the dumplings with a Dim Sim Set Menu. From Dumpling Noodle Soup – a clear broth with silky wantons in it to the prawn rolls and sui mui’s, everything here is brilliant. Come here to savour a an amazing array of steamed dishes! The set menu is priced at Rs 500 for Veg and  Rs 600  for Non-Veg and is only available on the weekends. Hotel Marine Plaza, 29, Dinshaw Wachha Road, Marine Drive, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Busaba Momo's

2. Tibetan Momo’s, Busaba – No one can beat the momo’s at Busaba! Gorgeously wrapped  in an extra thin layer of phyllo, it goes really well with the green and red chilly sauces they serve. The divine experience of eating this will always keep you craving for more!

Cheung Fun at Royal China

1.  Cheung Fun, Royal China – Numero Uno position goes to beautiful dish from Royal China. These actually look like steamed spring rolls, translucent enough to reveal the meat rested in a pool of mild and balmy soy sauce. From the moment this enters your mouth you know that Paradise is made of things like these!

Quicktip: Get yourself to learn how to use the chopsticks and instead of snacking on some unhealthy burgers, pastas and pizzas, treat yourself to this tasty & nutricious steamy fare. Accompany it with some Jasmine or White Tea and Ooh Heaven is a place on Earth!
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